Tell Kurt Daudt to Come Clean

What Happened to Daudt’s Debt?

When politicians and lobbyists make deals, Minnesotans deserve to know the details.

Republican Kurt Daudt, known at the Capitol for his speeches on fiscal conservatism and "family budgets," is making big headlines for being late on his property taxes and for being sued for not paying his credit card bills. He has been sued three times in the last year for defaulting on his credit debt. He also chose not to pay his property taxes, only doing so after he was asked about it by MPR News.

What’s worse, lobbyists helped Daudt in his personal lawsuits, and neither Daudt or the lobbyists have come forward to clarify the details of their arrangement(s). Daudt says he doesn’t think he received special treatment from the Capitol insiders, and even said that one of the firms who aided him - Messerli & Kramer - didn’t know who he was. Despite Daudt’s denial, the House Speaker wields significant influence amongst lobbyists involved in Minnesota politics.

Speaker Daudt says his debt is paid in full, but he has lost his credibility.

Minnesotans deserve to know the truth.